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Interdisciplinary artist, curator, and administrator Julio César Román was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and partly raised in Hartford, Connecticut. In 1997, Roman moved from Hartford to Boston, Massachusetts to study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where he received a Diploma in Fine Arts, Fifth Year Certificate, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He went on to study Social Policy receiving a Master of Public Policy from Tufts University. He has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 15 years. 

After school and summer arts programs, civic engagements, sports, teachers, and mentors played a critical role in Roman’s personal, professional, and artistic development, which have led him to invest most of his time in the non-profit sector by helping and mentoring youth, families, and artists. 

Román believes through the arts, we are able to build stronger, compassionate, and socially conscious communities by bringing diverse people together to celebrate our similarities, understand and respect our differences, and work towards a more just and equal tomorrow for all. 

Román has shown his work in galleries and museums. He has received scholarships and awards for his art and community work.


April 2015, Mr. Román founded MYARTISTSLIST.COM  to connect and create opportunities by sharing resources mutually beneficial to artists, curators, art critics, communities, companies/organizations, and art supporters from around the world. MyArtistsList.com is an online community for artists by artists and supporters from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Mr. Roman has been working on this concept since he graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

MyArtistsList.com provides 6 main services:

  • The Artists List connects and creates opportunities for all artists from all types of art disciplines. Artists can enlist on The Artists List roaster by creating their very own personalized profile, which viewers are able to see selected artworks and connect with the artist.  
  • Jobs List provides companies, organizations, and individuals to post freelance, internships, full time, par-time, and career opportunities for individuals in the art industry.
  • Classified Ads list provides access to a listing of creative services provided by artists and art organizations/institutions. Organizations, companies, and individuals can browse through and hire artists for private or public events, enroll in art programs or find the nearest galleries, museums or theater/dance companies.
  • Events Calendar allows artists, curators, and art supporters from around the world to post and view upcoming art related events.
  • The Blog provides artists to post pictures and blog about artists and art events.
  • Newsletter emailed to over thousands of subscribers featuring employment, artists, upcoming events, and other opportunities for artists and community.


My work explores our sense of community—the private and public space. By incorporating beans and bananas, tight rendered drawings of the male body, photographs of gentrified spaces, graphics and illustrations of political figures and cultural icons, I decode our sensitivities towards gender, cultural, stereotypical, and social progress issues. Normalizing the unspeakable. 

My art making process and narrative is informed by the things I eat, my experiences working in the community, my passion for urban planning and architecture, public policy, gender, sexuality, cultural identity, and social behaviors.