• Buddy Wakefield- American Performance Poet/Slam Poet

    Buddy Wakefield (born June 4, 1974) is an American performance poet/slam poet. He is a two-time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion (2004 and 2005) whose latest works have been released by Righteous Babe Records (CD) and Write Bloody Publishing (books). Biography Buddy Wakefield was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and raised in Baytown, Texas. In 2001, he left his position as an executive assistant for a [...]
  • Bomba: Afro-Puerto Rican Rhythms

    Bomba is one of the traditional musical styles of Puerto Rico. It is the mixture of the three different cultures of the Island, the Spanish, African and Taino cultures. The base rhythm is played by two or more drums. While bomba can be used as the generic name for a number of rhythms, its real [...]